Thursday, April 20, 2017


Happy happy happy!!!

nothing says finger lickin' like a little KFC from Colonel Sanders

This week was busy, but it was awesome.

Tuesday was an awesome day. We have some really good people that we are teaching, but we had a lesson and I was getting somehow frustrated with a guy that came into the lesson and after the lesson I realized I didn't have much Charity. So I felt really bad and realized without charity we are nothing. SO charity is very important. NO matter how many skills or talents or anything we have. If we don't have Charity we are nothing. So let us have more charity for each other. 

ON Wednesday we had transfers, so we moved people around for most of the day. We have some really good Elders and Sister's leaving the zone, but also some really good Elder's and Sisters coming into the zone. It will be a great transfer.

Thursday we had a great day. We got some appointments bounced at the end of the day so we visited this member and shared the Restoration in 15 min and asked for a referral and he gave us one and we went to their house on the spot! It was really cool and had a nice lesson with them. Then he helped us for another appointment we had. It was amazing to have a member that has been a member for 20 years now. His testimony is awesome! 

pause for nature

beauty eh?

Friday, we had an awesome MLC and food. Got pumped to do missionary work. and excited for this transfer!!
Saturday we had a Easter activity in Kajansi. It was nice. Then on Sunday we had a powerful day. We only had Sacrament meeting for some reason so we had a lot of extra time during the day that we were not planning on. SO we visited some people to see if they were around and guess what?

 they were around. 

One person we taught once before and disappeared was in the village and just came back. He just got married to his wife and so we taught both of them and their neighbor. That was a true blessing of Easter. Then we got fed nicely and enjoyed.
Today we played some b-ball. Life is good. THis week is going to be good. Have a lot of things going on and probably a baptism as well. Should be good.
This week was awesome. We had a mission fast and at MLC we each shared the blessings and things we saw from it. I didn't think at first much happened because of the fast, but after looking back and hearing others share their experiences, I realized that it did work. The lord did bless us. I just wasn't looking hard enough. Then we sang a song this week. I know that my Redeemer lives Hymn #136. I love it. It is so powerful and so true. Our Redeemer Lives! He lives for us! Have a great week.
Love Elder Beck

MLC food, elders, sisters and a FOUNTAIN!!  fancy.

eating under the chandelier helps digestion

MOM Questions..
1.   Why do you love the scriptures?
I love the scriptures because they are totally related to you and you can learn something new every time you read them.

2.  What is your favorite attribute of Christ?   How can we develop that attribute?

My favorite attribute is charity because we are really focusing on that as a mission right now. SO Charity..... First you pray for help to receive it from Heavenly Father, then you serve and live for others and not yourself.

3.  Do u have an Easter message you'd like to share?

Jesus Christ Lives and I love the different names that he has. I have been going through some of them in the Topical Guide. I really like the one that he is our ADVOCATE! He is rooting us on, pleading for us, and with us every step of the way. Always have hope in him because he is always there. He is our advocate. How cool is that.......

4. What are the jazz chances of winning A NBA title?

78%!!   They have a lot of potential. The road isn't easy to get it, but there is always faith and hope...... :)


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