Tuesday, July 12, 2016

New Mission President. Baptism.... Just Kidding. but it is ok..

Where's waldo? cute!

Hello. This week flew by. It felt like yesterday I was celebrating the 4th here in Uganda and now I am here again.
On Tuesday we had a great day we had some powerful lessons and even taught a new family. He has been taught before and really likes the church, but never got baptized, so I am excited about that as well. A solid day nothing too exciting. 

On wednesday we traveled down to Mukono for Zone Meeting. It was awesome. We have some new elder's in the Zone and I am excited for the zone. Also on a spiritual high. Got back to Lugazi and got to work. met another new family and hopefully this one works out because they are super powerful and speak really good english.
On Thursday we had an ok day we waited for an RC to come to our appointment. He kept telling us yes yes I am almost there, but here in Uganda that usually means they are about 30 to 40 minutes away. haha. Ugandan Time........ 

On Friday we had exchanges with the Zone Leaders. Me and Elder Tembo were with Elder Cieslak. He is super powerful and it was a fun day. I realized I need to have more fun when I do missionary work. Also had some great lessons. Also had a member that was super scared of a caterpillar. hahaha. I learned a ton from Elder Cieslak and it was fun to talk sports with him as well.
On Saturday we headed to Kampala for Zone Conference. There was no traffic for the taxi so we got there like an hour early, so we got a special teaching from President Collings. They are super awesome. Zone Conference was powerful and the spirit was so strong there. I just couldn't help, but be reminded of how true the church really is. It is insane how true it is. haha. Then we had some super nice food and headed back to Lugazi. We had Benard and ANifa's baptism interview and they were already for baptism. 

ON sunday we get to church and there is a senior couple visiting us this week and going home next week. Elder And sister Taylor. They found out that what we thought was legal marriage wasn't actually legal marriage. So we had to postpone the baptism, but all is well. Benard and Anifa are still excited and we even set a marriage date in the church with them for August 13th. They are excited. I guess we just need to have patience. So all is ok here. Just hope I am still here for their baptism. Awesome family. Overall a really good week of missionary work. More lessons, more new investigators, and a lot of fun.
It was a good week and I learned some really good things.One thing I really liked was from Enos. Something that stood out to me was prayer. How much Enos really prayed and I realized that a reason why I was struggling sometimes was because my prayers were lacking. I wanted to wrestle with God and have meaningful prayers like Enos and I have definitely seen a difference. It also went along with what President Collings talked about. He said the greatest lesson I can teach you is to get on your knees and pray to your Heavenly Father. We need to do it. there is so much power that comes from prayer. Also something I really liked was from Mosiah chapter 4 where it talks about remembering things from the past and the joy of the gospel and the things that build your testimony. How important it is to remember those things that have changed your life. It is what keeps you strong in the gospel and keeps you from doubting. That is why we need to also write down those things, so we can remember them. I am happy that I have kept a journal my entire mission so far.(I didn't know this...I am impressed that he has been journaling...nicely done son!)  I love going back to remember what the Lord has done for me and it gives me strength. So go back and remember what the Lord has done for you or the time you knew the church was true or the book of mormon or when you became clean from a sin. It will strengthen you and help you. Remember and perish not! Mosiah 4:29.
Thanks for the love and support. Continue to Enjoy your summer. Love you.
Love Elder Beck

Brother Ochitte, first counselour in the branch,
Endowed and sealed to his wife in the temple.
Also the guard at our house sometimes. He is powerful.

selfie.... look at that paved road they are on...not!
(I wonder if they carry machetes?)

Mom questions....
1. How was the meeting with your new president and his wife go?   She is doing a Blog about their travels and Adventures. It's very informative and quite entertaining. I'm really enjoying it.
President and Sister Collings are super nice. We ended up getting to Zone Conference early and so we got to talk with both of them for awhile. THey are really awesome.

2.  What are a couple of your recent favorite scriptures?
Some of my favorite scriptures right now are John 8:32? The truth will set you free. Because it is true. That is what the truth does. ANd some people don't even realize they don't have all of the truth. That is what I want to do as a missionary. To help people understand the fullness of the truth. Also D&C 29:39, opposition is necessary in life. 

3. Do you eat out much or just cook your own food?
We eat out a couple of times, but we usually make our own food. I am learning to make chapote. There are pretty much Greasy tortillas, but I will make them with you when I get home. haha. (can't wait!)

4. Pres Chatfield and his wife had their Homecoming on Sunday and many of the parents of returned missionaries or current missionary parents  went to listen to him. They thought they were fabulous... here are the cliff notes from his and her talk.
Sis. Chatfield reminded of mission motto "be not afraid, only believe" and how we are reminded in many scriptures about that:   Joshua 1:19, Jeremiah 1:8, Mark 5:36, D&C 98:18.  Why shouldn't we fear?  Doubt and fear are the opposite of faith.  She said she learned that she can do hard things and that we are the ones that make our best day ever!"

Pres. Chatfield re-coined the phrase "endure to the end" to "enjoy to the end".  He also said to "just believe in God, allow Him to take care.  He knows!"  He was amazing and he finished with this thought, "these trials and tribulations are preparing you for what is coming tomorrow.  The only way to fail is quit.  We don't quit"!  Powerful powerful meeting and powerful people!  What a blessing.  (These are notes from Angie casperson)

Elder Beck response...Yep those things sound like President and Sister Chatfield........... That is awesome they are great people. 

Thanks mom. You are the best. Love you.
Love Elder Beck

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