Monday, July 4, 2016

Happy 4th of July! BBQ, golf, constant progession....

Where are you Elder Beck?  cute kids
happy happy happy!

Hello! This week was awesome and it was a great 4th of July here.
On Tuesday we had a good day. We got bounced a couple of times, but Benard and Hanifa are doing great and the guy that read the book of mormon in 5 days is funny! haha. 

On Wednesday we had a district exchange. I got to go with Elder Roylance(my mission brother) into the other area. It was a lot of fun. WE had a couple of powerful lessons and did some great finding as well. It was really dusty though on that side. I had dirt everywhere! haha. When we got home from the day the entire house was happy and everyone was in good spirits. Mission is awesome.
Thursday I bought a chapote pan. It was an impulse buy, but we tried making chapote here. It is a lot harder than you think. Chapote is like a super oily with different flavorings tortilla. Interesting..... Also it was a day full of bounces. Felt like a lot of time was wasted as well going around to different people that ended up bouncing us, but hey. 

ON Friday we had a good day. Ernest, the guy who read the BOM in 5 days is funny, he gets up in the middle of the lesson and starts explaining something with a lot of body motions and thing. He is funny!  Also played a fun game with Elder Tembo. WE played soccer where we tried kicking the ball through a chair. We ended up tying at 15. It was fun though.

Elder Tembo and Elder Beck...scream v constipated?

Serious vs cra cra!!

On Saturday. We had another tough day, but still was good. We talked with a powerful member family that will brighten anyones day. On Sunday we had a great fast sunday. Testimony meeting was great. 68 at sacrament meeting, which was awesome. Also met a guy that shared the pamphlet with his friends and family that live in western Uganda and they want to joining the church. Also preparing Benard and Hanifa for their baptism next week. They seem to be excited. 

Monday, we went golfing and had a bbq. It was fun. My golf swing is ok. The BBq was super delicious. happy 4th of July everyone.  We cooked up a super nice meal of burgers and fries and Coca cola! It was the most american we could get. While listening to the most country efy music we could. haha. It was fun. 


Satisfied with our vittles

goof ball BBQers!

BBQ posers!

Something that really stood out to me this week was the scripture D&C 131:6 Ye cannot be saved in ignorance. Wow.... We can't ignore the things around us or say we didn't know. We have been given the scriptures, modern prophets and apostles, and everyday things that testify and manifest the gospel, Jesus Christ, and God. We can't ignore these things. We have to use the things we have been given. WE have to see Gods hand in our life. We have to keep the commandments. WE have to constantly be progressing and becoming better. We have to be anxiously engaged in a good cause always. Always doing good. It made me want to be better. To not be ignorant. To learn everything I can and apply it. The book of mormon is true. Prophet Thomas S. Monson and his counselors and apostles are really called of God. I sustain and support them. Thank you have a great week. Love you.
Love Elder Beck

Hello Mother
That is good to hear that you unblocked me. haha. (somehow I blocked his email address from my gmail...oops!) I am glad that Natalie had a fun day... Week. haha. (Birthday week for Natty)  That sounds awesome about boating on Thursday. Jumping in a nice lake right now sounds nice. Also happy to hear that Teigan is still doing well and that she is back. I also like how you said I haven't haven't found anything WE wanted. haha. (we are looking for a house......)  That is good. Fast and Testimony meeting here was really good. I haven't been able to meet the President and his wife yet (new president just arrived...President and Sister Collings ), but we are having Zone Conference this week on Saturday so I will definitely see them then. I am excited to meet them. Ya I celebrated good for the 4th here. It was fun.

MOM questions....

1. Is there something you wish you would have taken on your mission that you didn't?

Not really. I felt like I had everything I needed...... Maybe slip on shoes instead of both being tie up because you take your shoes off a lot here.

2. I can't remember how much money you said you got per month to buy groceries and such... How much do you have to live on every month?

We get about 440,000 schillings a month. So not sure I think it is about 115$. But not sure.
(5000 Uganda Shilling = 1.4758 US $129.87)

3. How dusty would you say it is in your area?

Our area is not that dusty, but the other guys area in Lugazi is dusty. I went there on Exchanges on wednesday. It is dusty. But it has been more dusty everywhere this past week because there hasn't been as much rain.

Thank you mother. Love you.
Love Elder Beck

not sure what this is.... Rec center? Housing? hummmm


Beck and Tembo golfing

Elder Beckster golfing on pday

The golf crew of Elders

Hole in one?
Elder Beck selfie and photo bombers

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