Monday, February 15, 2016

Week 2. Companion. Christmas Packages.

Hello. It has been a great week because I actually have a companion and I got both packages from Grandma Beck and Grandma Egan (sent early December). so it was awesome. haha.

 On Tuesday, we took Elder Myers and moved him into the other apartment and picked up the 4 new Elders. Elder Koopmans ( my companion), Elder Mabale (Elder Myers Companion), Elder Nyambita (Elder Ercanbrack's companion and a brand new missionary), and Elder Mumba ( Elder Brogan's companion and a brand new missionary). Every has new companions this transfer. They all seem pretty chill. SHould be a good transfer. Me and Elder Koopmans went and worked the first day.Had a good day with some great lessons. Elder Koopmans is a really good teacher. On Wednesday, we had DDM all together as a zone. It was good. Then we had to do some paperwork for the new missionaries and their visa's, so a lot of the day was gone and used by that, but we still had a good day. A quote I liked that I found during personal study was "If you do your best, it will all work out. Put your trust in God.... The Lord will not forsake us." - Pres. Gordon B. Hinckley. As long as we do our best that is all we can do and the Lord will take care of the rest. I love that quote.

On Thursday, we had a pretty good day. Had some lessons and also did a lot of finding. Street contacting and tracting. It was tough, but it is what has got to be done in a brand new area for both of us. On Friday, we had weekly planning and also had a few lessons. Then we did some more finding. It was good as well. There were good questions from our investigators especially Carlos and Derian. They are 10 and 12 years old. They ask some serious deep questions, that are super hard to answer, but I love them. They have a great family.

On Saturday, we called a ton of people, but no one could meet for some reason, so we went out and did some more finding. We were blessed to have a couple of unplanned teaching opportunities. It was great and we found some awesome families. We also got to listen to part of the Fireside that Elder Ellis had. He is the 1st counselor of the Africa South East Presidency. He is a powerful guy. On SUnday, WE had a good day. We had 67 at sacrament meeting which was a good improvement from last week and we also got to hear from Elder and Sister Ellis in Sacrament meeting. They went to all the branches on Sunday. Elder Ellis also spoke to all the missionaries. He told us to really focus on finding families that speak english. It was a good reminder that we are building the foundation here in Rwanda. Then later that day we had dinner with Juan and jane again. The couple from America. It was really good and they are fun to be with. It was a good day and a great week. Me and Elder Koopmans worked hard and we saw that the work payed off. It was awesome.

This week has been a great week. I have learned so much. Something I really liked from my study was Enos 1:27. It is a great scripture and it is what I want when I leave this life. We always need to look at our lives and see if it really helps us get to that point or not. Which tied into a talk that I read later that week, which was by Larry R. Lawrence .."What Lack I Yet?".   He talks about looking at ourselves and in pray asking what can I do better, what can I change and the spirit will tell us something that we can change. It won't be everything, but the spirit will give it to us little by little. A quote that I like from his talk was this... "It is our duty to be better today than we were yesterday, and better tomorrow than we are today." That is this gospel, steady everyday improvement and progression. Strive everyday to become better. Work on one thing at a time to improve on and you will see yourself become more and more Christ-like. It is the great thing about this gospel. Thank you everyone. and a have a great week. Love you.

lOve, Elder Beck

Mom Questions

1. In your last note you mentioned going back into k2 with elder Brogan and that you saw something interesting there but you never stated what that was. What was it?
I forgot what it was.... Dar n  it

2. What is a Mandaze Industry?  (In the k3 area)
Mandaze Industry is a place where they make like fried bread. Almost like a scone. But the INdustry is where they make and fill shelves and shelves of the stuff. It is good.

(NOTE:  these are all pictures I found on the internet from bread makers in Rwanda. I'm not exactly sure what he sees!)

3.What was the most difficult thing you did this week?
The most difficult thing I did this week was a lot of finding and not finding anyone who spoke english. It was really frustrating, but I just kept going at it and when I got the must frustrated and said ok I am gonna keep going. The next few people would speak english. It is funny how the lord works sometimes. He definitely has a sense of humor, especially with missionaries. haha. 

4. What was fun this week?
The fun thing was my companion Elder Koopmans. He is a funny guy. He likes to scare the children and sing a lot. He's fun.

5. What other interesting cultural differences do you find in Africa?
In Africa they love to stare. They don't think it is rude here, I have tried to get used to it. They also don't think it is rude to call someone fat. They call people fat and they don't take it bad at all. There are some things here that seem like they would be rude or not seen in America. Just different cultures.

cool african plant

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