Monday, February 1, 2016


Elder Beck African Style hiking
Hello. Today I don't have much time, but everything is well here in Rwanda.

It was a really good week. We helped the Senior Couple from Ethiopia while they were here and we sent a missionary from Rwanda off to DRC(Democratic Republic of the Congo).  (NOTE: A Rwandan missionary in Congo .....very cool.)  Also the soccer cup that is going on is crazy. Rwanda lost so they are now out of the tournament. It was also a great week of teaching and finding. 

We had a somewhat shortened week with the Senior Couple from Ethiopia and MLC, but we still had great numbers this week and found a lot of great families and started progressing some families as well. At church we had 71 in attendance which is the highest since I have been here. Which is awesome!! We also had 2 great baptisms of Phileman and Elite by their Uncle Joseph. It was really amazing to see this week. 
Phileman, Elite and Joseph

Then today we went to the Northern Province and hiked Mount Kibuye. (About 1.5 hr drive away)  It was fun and terrifying. We had the local children as guides up the mountain. It was a good time. 

Run Forest Run....
Meet their local hiking guide

We're gonna climb that mountain!  Mount Kibuye
(Elevation 8800 ft, just a pinch under the highest
 point at Pebble creek summit (9271 ft) in Idaho)
At the top.
About 3 hr hike up and 2 hrs down

Elder Beck....mountain conquered!

Cave along trail with the local guide (little kid)

Elder Beck the caveman

Also we had transfer news today. I will be going from Kigali 2nd Branch to Kigali 3rd Branch and my companion will be Elder Koopmans. He came out the same time as me and from what I remember he is a great missionary. I will stay in the same apartment. It should be interesting, but exciting at the same time.

This week has gone by really fast. What I have learned and realized this week is how powerful testimonies are. Me and Elder Brogan went on splits on Sunday and I was with Joseph Omba. He is a member and great person. We were teaching and I asked him to bear his testimony and it was powerful and completely changed the lesson. His testimony helped the people to soften their hearts and be more willing to listen to the message. It made me realize how important it is to share our testimony. It can change peoples lives and it also builds our own testimony as we share it. SO go and share your testimony. Thanks and Love you. Have a great week.
Love Elder Beck

MOM's Questions:
1. Can you describe a typical day?
A typical day is waking up at 6:30. working out until 7, eating breakfast and showering until 8. From 8 to 10 study. Personal and Companion. Then we schedule appointments for the day. We try to fill most hours of the day with appointments. Usually 2 before lunch. Then 4 or 5 for the evening and after lunch. We also try to do some street contacting or tracting most days.Then we come back home and do daily planning and plan for the next day and the do whatever before bed at 10:30

2.  Do you run into many people who don't believe in God at all?  What is the biggest barrier to getting the gospel message out?
There are not many people at all that don't believe in God. The hardest thing is people already have a church and they already believe in Jesus Christ. They don't need us to teach them and visit them. They don't see that a church really matters. That as long as you believe in Christ and go to church you are good.

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