Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Patience is followed by......... mom

This picture makes me happy! He seems content. (i'll have to find out who he is with here...maybe the branch president?

Elder Beck, Elder Brogan and the mystery woman (recent convert?)

Hello! This week has been a good one and I am not sure where it went. It flew by this week.

On Tuesday, we had a busy day and at one of the recent converts we had this Lemon Grass tea. Don't worry it is not against the word of Wisdom. It was actually really good, but super hot. 

On Wednesday, we had DDM in the morning and it went really well. There were some really powerful testimonies and experiences shared. I will have to tell you about them later.(Note to self, ask him in next email) . All I know is that every missionary is where they are for a reason. Even every person has someone they need  to help, we just have to find that person through prayer and listening to the spirit. (wow, that was an amazing sentence from our missionary. Maybe we should listen and pray more and seek.)

On Thursday ,we had a good day. It was rainy and thundery and lightningy in the morning. And by the way the Thunder and Lightning here in Rwanda is amazing. The Thunder especially, never heard anything like it before. It was also a tough day. We got bounced a lot and when we did contacting and tracting everyone was being stubborn or not speaking any English. I try to pull out a little Kinyarwanda and invite them to church, but I am not sure they understand me most of the time. ha. 

On Friday... we had a good day....  (I get the feeling, he had some good days! :) )

On Saturday, we were planning on having a really busy day, but it seemed like everyone bounced us or was out of town and lame stuff like that, but me and elder  Brogan had a really powerful lesson with a family. The spirit was definitely there. 

On Sunday we had a great Sabbath. We got to church and for Sacrament we had 58 at church. It was really good. After the last two weeks of not having as many. We also had 3 Confirmations and A baptism. Aline was the one being baptized. She is the mother of Patience that was baptized a couple weeks ago. It was amazing to see her overcome challenges and let the gospel and atonement of Jesus Christ really change her life. It was an awesome day. We also got fed by a couple that is from America. They are super awesome. Their names are Juan and Jane, not sure on the last name because they don't like being called by it. It was a good day.

This week has been amazing. Me and Elder Brogan are starting to work together really well and hopefully we can keep improving and helping this branch grow even more. This week I have continued to study in 1 Nephi and I have started to take one verse that seems really interesting and really study it hard and to get the true meaning of it. One verse I really liked was 1 Nephi 14:1. really interesting. Anyways i am running out of time so have a  great week. Love you.

Love Elder Beck

Mom's questions - - 
1. Is the temperature stay in about the same? Does it vary with the rainy season? What are the highs and the lows.? Does it ever get really hot or humid?
The temperature is pretty much the same. It gets hotter though in the dry season which is now. It gets kind of humid, but I am not sure because I might be getting used to it.

2.  Do you know what the color of a giraffe tongue is?  
I don't know... blue?  (Google says black, blue or purple)

3. Someone told me the soda in Africa is really good? Is it? Do you drink a lot of water? I'm assuming mostly bottled?
Soda is pretty good, but it seems the same as in America. I drink a lot of soda. I drink a lot of water as well. It is bottled or comes from our filter at home.

Patience, his mom- Aline, Elder Beck, Elder Brogan (and yes, Elder Brogan is from Idaho....Montpelier....woot!)

Patience and Aline

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