Monday, January 11, 2016

Another Great Week!

His new companion Elder Brogan. Baptism trio! 2 are brothers
Carine and Lambert and Chosen (I'm not sure that is in the right order?)

Hello everyone! This week has been a great week and I have seen many blessings. It was a great week to start off the year.

On Tuesday we had a busy day. Visited many people. 

On wednesday we went on exchanges with K1 again. I was with Elder Osei-tutu again for the day. We had ZDM in the morning and then we went out. It was a tough day. We did some street contacting, but it seemed like no one was interested and didn't want to talk. It was tough, but no effort is wasted and hopefully it plants a seed for the future. Also elder Osei-tutu and I were in a lesson and they were talking French to explain to each other and Elder Osei-tutu knew what they were saying and talking about. He was able to answer their question. It was really sweet. The gift of tongues is real and i love it! ha

On Thursday we had an awesome day. We got bounced earlier in the day, so we decided to move our appointments up an hour. We then got bounced later in the day and I thought it was going to be one of those days, but as we were walking back and thinking what were going to do next, I saw this woman and for some reason I needed to talk to her and it ends up that I had contacted her before and that she wanted to come visit us at the church. She then invited us into her home, where we met her husband and taught them a lesson. Also the husband was only around today because he was sick and was taking a day off from work. They are an awesome family and seem really interested. It was cool to see how everything worked out and that how we got bounced earlier in the day allowed us to meet with that family. It made me remember and realize more of how this is Heavenly father's Work. HIs hand is in this work. It is cool to see. 

ON Friday we had a good day. We visited Patience and Aline. Son and Daughter. Patience was just baptized and his mother hopes to soon join him. We gave him a shirt and a tie so he could look really smart for his confirmation on Sunday.because he didn't have one. He was really pumped about that!  It is cool to see the joy and the unity that has come since we started visiting them. The gospel will change people. I know that to be true. 

ON Saturday we had a very busy day. We had 3 baptism interviews and they all went well. I also had to clean the baptism font for Sunday, so I rolled up the sleeves and the pant legs and got busy. by the way, it was the cleanest I have ever seen the water and font on Sunday.....Not to brag or anything. 

On Sunday we had a great day. We had 3 baptisms. They were for Carine, Chosen, and Lambert. It all went well. . The 2 boys are brothers. They are all really awesome and it was a great experience for everyone. We only had 37 at church this Sunday so I don't know what is going on exactly, but very soon it will be back up to where we had it before. Patience was confirmed and I gave him one of the ties you sent me The water was cold, but the spirit was warm. Their testimonies were great. The food was also very nice after the baptisms.... It was an awesome day for me.

This week i saw many tender mercies and spiritually uplifting things. Also for me I have been studying a little in the New testament in Luke. Something I liked was in Luke chapter 6. It talks about loving your enemies and doing that which you want done to you. It is a very awesome chapter about loving everyone no matter what and serving everyone. Something else i learned was in 1 Nephi 2. It talks about how Lehi taught his sons about his visions and what he learned. The first thing Nephi did was go to the Lord and ask with a desire to know. We also see that Nephi did this many other times as well. We see that Nephi was able to stay firm in his faith and testimony and his brothers Laman and Lemuel were not. What I think is that it was because they never gained their own witness. their own testimony. So what we need to do is get down on our knees and ask our heavenly Father and gain that witness and that testimony. If you already have a testimony, still get on your knees and confirm that testimony. that is the only way that we can endure to the end and stay faithful our entire lives. It has been a great strength to me to continually confirm and strengthen my testimony from asking my Heavenly Father. Thank you for the support and the emails. Have a great week!

Love Elder Beck

1. What is it about Ammon that you admire?
With Ammon, i admire his courage and his faith. he went into the Lamanite people with no doubt and had to beg his father to allow him to go into such a place. It was a death sentence for most any Nephite to go to the Lamanites. He went there and could of been prideful and become great, but he knew his calling and what he went there to do and he served. He is a great example to me. and everyone.

2. How can we become more regular readers of the scriptures as a family?
Maybe think of the reasons why you would read as a family. Look at the blessings that come from it. Then set a goal. Set a time and how long. Then just do it...

3. What are some of your favorite things about Africa/ rwanda?
Some of my favorite things about Rwanda is the people. They are very friendly and very loving. Also how they are funny. They expect me to know everything about the USA, but I say it is a really big country I don't know everything that is going on. The people also are very humble and don't need a lot to live. They Love God. On Sundays it is not very busy because everyone is at church or at home. They are great people.

Thanks for the questions and I hope that you have a great week coming up. Thanks for the update about everyone and I love you.

Love Elder Beck.

on the way up Kigali Mountain

View from Kigali Mountain of Kigali on p-day.

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