Monday, November 23, 2015

Interesting and nice....

Your Clothes Give them to me now!  The Terminator - modest is hottest!
(he found this picture somewhere...funny boy!)  

Hello. This week has been interesting and very nice week. On MONDAY, after emailing me and Elder Wilson had FHE at the church with the YSA. We were playing a game and Elder WIlson ended up running and somehow slipped at hurt his ankle. We think it was Heritier (a member that helps us teach a lot) that tackled him. haha. His ankle wasn't too good and it was swollen and Elder WIlson couldn't walk very well. 

On TUESDAY....Elder WIlson had to take the day off and rest/ice his ankle so I went out with a member, Heritier, for the day. It was a fun day and Heritier is a funny guy. Also I got to drive for the day. I am getting pretty good at driving in Rwanda. ha.

On WEDNESDAY... Elder Wilson still couldn't walk very well and had to take another day off. So after District Development Meeting. Elder Myers  from K3 and I went to K2 for half the day and his area for the other half of the day. We say a lot of tender mercies that day. One was that when we had an hour of finding time we met a lot of people that were interested in the church and had a lot of potential investigators.(cool!) Another was a referral we received from an investigator!  (yay!)  Also, when we got bounced later in evening the next person we saw and met was a Mama with a good family that was interested in learning about the church!  (wow!) When you get bounced from an appointment, it is for a reason and there is someone that needs you to talk to them or meet them. I saw that first hand on WednesdayOn THURSDAY, Elder WIlson was back and we went out and had a good day.

On FRIDAY, we went and had another good day. On SATURDAY in the morning we had a football match between the missionaries/ ward missionaries and the members. It was really hot at first, but then about halfway it just started pouring rain. It was awesome. Everyone was slipping around and it was tough to actually play, but it was awesome. The missionaries ended up winnning 2-1. That is two wins for the missionaries and 0 for the members since I have been here. On SUNDAY, we had a great Sabbath. We had 58 at church and a lot of investigators showed up again. Alphonse was confirmed and Church was just awesome. I love Sundays. We also had a delicious stew back home and then we were fed by one of the members right after. They fed us Bugali, or something like that. It is where there is this big dough like thing in the middle of the table and everyone grabs some of it and makes it into a ball and then dips it into the sauce/soup in their bowls. It is not bad, but lets just say I would rather have many other foods before I would choose to eat it. ha. K2 branch is doing well and the people are awesome that are in it.
Bugali or playdough?

nummy! nummy!

It has been a really good week. This week I have learned that we need to be unified with others in our lives. Countless times in the Book of Mormon when the people are being righteous, having peace, thriving, etc. it says they are unified and as one. Right when they start becoming divided they become wicked and fall from the teachings of the gospel. We need to be unified as families,friends, members, and as people. Replace contention with LOVE and UNITY. Also I have learned a lot about missionary work this week and how everyone is a missionary and how we need to share this wonderful gospel and message that has blessed our lives so much to others. There is no greater responsibility. ANd in D&C 84:88 it promises us that as we share and teach others He will be on our right and on our left and we will have angels to bear us up. What a great promise. This week I ponderized D&C 121:45. Great Scripture. 

We should be having 3 people baptized this week Peace, Miracle, And Heritier. (love those names!) They are siblings and are part of a family that was baptized 6 months ago. It should be a great week ahead. Thanks for the support and the prayers. I see the blessings everyday. Love you.

Love Elder Beck

Answer to Mom's question.....
1. (this might be a math question) So if you had 8 total missionaries in Rwanda with 4 missionaries in your apartment and 3 left Rwanda, where are the other 4 missionaries in rwanda ? Who stayed in rwanda of the 8 that were there?

ANSWER: 2 stayed in Kigali too, but they are in a different apartment in another part of town. 2 moved in our apartment and Elder Wilson came to be my companion and the Zone Leader.  There are just 6 missionaries here and a senior couple right now. (I think I interpreted this correctly from him....maybe)
(Pictures from several weeks ago)
Saying goodbye to Elder Empey (oh look Elder Beck found his sandals!)

Goodbye Rwanda with Elders Empey, Anderson, Ngwenya 

Alphonse's baptism? (I'm guessing here)

Kennedy a funny fun member

Time out for a bathroom selfie?? Cute!

Foggy Day in Rwanda

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