Monday, November 16, 2015

First week of long transfer

Hello. It is good to hear from everyone. This week has been a crazy
week. First getting the news on Monday and then everything that
happened after that.

On Tuesday me and Elder Empey said goodbye to everyone and we visited
a ton of people that day. It was actually a sad day and it was
probably worse for Elder Empey. We did get a nice bowl of chips
(fries) which was nice from one of the members. Then on Wednesday we
woke up early and dropped of the 3 Elders and said our goodbyes at 5
in the morning. Then I got to drive back to the apartment. NIce! Then
we slept till 6:30 and went to pick up Elder Wilson from the airport
at 10. Elder Wilson has been out for 17 months, he is really tall, he
is from LA, he can play the piano really well, and he is a good guy.
We had a good first day, but it was weird having to show him around
and tell him where to go and stuff. It is also weird having 3 new
people to live with. It is good with all these Elders, but different
than last transfer. We have Elder Gondwe, Elder Myers, Elder Wilson,
and me.

On Thursday, we had a really good day. We met with a lot of really
good people and we also met this mother and son for the first time. We
invited them to church and them came last week and we went to visit
them this week. They are really cool and they seem really interested
to hear more. I have a feeling they are going to be a really good
family in the church. On Friday we had another good day and we met
with Alphonse who was getting baptized on Sunday. He is a great guy,
but he is really stubborn and has weird questions, but I love him!
Elder Gondwe and Elder Myers are funny as a companionship. They make
me chuckle. Saturday was a pretty normal day, I got lost a little bit
trying to find peoples homes and such, but we made it there

Sunday was a really good day. We had a great Sacrament meeting and we
had 62 people at church! Another record for the year. It were some
great talks and I taught gospel principles. I taught about Jesus
Christ's Second coming. It was hard to teach people about something
like this when a lot of them don't have a base knowledge of the
gospel, but it went well. Then after church we had Alphonse's baptism!
It was great. I was so happy to see him get baptized and have the rest
of his family see him get baptized. Hopefully they will follow his
example. He is an awesome person and has a great family. It was an
awesome Sunday.

Overall this was a really good week. It has been hard week, having to
lead the area and have a companion that doesn't know Rwanda at all,
but I have learned so much this week. I think that we learn the most
when we go through tough times or through trials. That is why life
isn't easy. It is because we learn more when we are tested, than when
we are just coasting through life. I have been reading in 3 Nephi this
week and I love reading about the savior's ministry in the Americas.
Lots of things learned. I also know that God prepares people. I have
seen that on my mission so far. I also know that the Book of Mormon is
true and that it is so important. We learn so many important and vital
things from it. Every question about the church/gospel can be answered
by the Book of Mormom. It is amazing. Read from it everyday. It will
bless your life. The internet is really slow and I can't send any
pictures today, but I will make sure to send double the pictures next
week. Love you and thanks for the Emails and prayers. I am truly
blessed right now.

Elder Beck


1. I'm in Dallas and met a taxi cab driver from Ethiopia who is now a US citizen speaking English but his native  tongue was oromo and he  knew some amharic. isn't that interesting¿ Hello Mother! It is good to hear from you and that is awesome that you
get to go to Texas. That is cool about the Ethiopian driver. 

2. Dr van dyke goes to Kenya to teach his orthodontic skills and has been on an African safari there. Neat huh?    I
didn't know that Van Dyke has been to africa and such. That is cool.
He is a good guy.

3. Did you hear about the  bombings in Paris France?  I didn't hear about the bombing. That is scary and I
am glad no missionaries got hurt. Sounds crazy though. 

4. Have you heard anything about Missionaries  that will be speaking  their native language will now be going to the  MTC for 3 weeks instead of 10 - 12 days? That is
interesting about the MTC stay. I haven't hear about that either. It
will be interesting to see what changes with transfers, people going
home, and stuff.

5. Have you gotten any packages or letters yet from us? I haven't gotten any packages or letters yet, but I
will continue to look for them.

6. I know its early to be thinking about Christmas, but we are excited to talk to you. Do you know what the plan is with skyping or calling home? From what I know, I think I will be
skyping from the Leibel's, the senior couple here in Rwanda, but still
not sure
7. Do you need any recipes? I wouldn't mind some recipes, but I don't know for what. I need to get better at cooking. I already have gotten better at
8. What are you doing for exercise? For exercise I usually just do whatever. Pushups, dips, use
the machine, ab workouts, and whatever I feel like. 
9. Have you gotten the general conference ensign yet? I still haven't
gotten the Liahona for conference yet, but I really want it. 

for the letter Mom. Love you.

Elder Beck

No picture, internet not working, :-( mama
So here's a blast from the past of my missionary in his younger days.

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