Monday, November 2, 2015

Another Rwanda

Hello! That is awesome about the XC team. They keep on winning. Good to hear. Also I missed Halloween here but celebrated Umaganda day!

On Tuesday we had a pretty normal day and we taught this new guy that has a family of 7 or something and he seems like a really cool guy. He lived in Uganda for awhile and speaks good english, but for some reason he won't let us meet with the rest of his family. Hopefully he does. The weird part aboutTuesday was that Elder Empey and I had to pick up an Elder returning home from Ukraine at 1 in the morning. He seemed like a really good person and hopefully he will help out in the Branch. So we only got like 5 hours of sleep that night. Also I tried making some bread, but we have a small toaster oven thing and it doesn't cook things very well, but at least it was edible. 

On Wednesday I was a part of MLC. It is a big meeting with all the zone leaders and APs. Elder Empey was a part of it and I got to listen. It was really good to hear from President and all the other leaders in the mission. I learned a lot. Then Elder Empey and I got to go out to eat at a Chinese restaurant. It was really nice and it was dumping rain that night. It was delicious though.

num num.... chinese food

Chinese, fanta and super speedy chopsticks

On Thursday we did exchanges with K3. Elder Empey went with Elder Ngwenya in K3 and Elder Anderson came with me to K2. I was the senior in the area and I had to kinda take control. It was a good experience. It was also pretty hard. We had a good day. We also had to take the buses into and out of town because Elder Empey has the truck. On Friday, Elder Empey and I did surprise exchanges with K1 elders. We both joined one of the companionships for the most of the day. Then we went back to our area and taught a couple of lessons. We were able to commit one of our investigators to a baptism date on the 15th of November. We have been teaching him for over 2 months or the other elders have and finally he committed to a bapt. date. He has come to church for like 9 straight weeks and he is ready to be baptized. It is exciting!

On Saturday it was Umaganda day! It is the last Saturday of every month and most everyone goes out and does some community service in the morning. We didn't go out because we had to make up our weekly planning. On Umaganda day the whole city shuts down. People don't want to meet, there are not as many people out, the traffic is down. It is kind of weird. The rest of the day was pretty normal though. On Sunday we went to church and had a great service. We only had 46 people there this week, but we had a couple investigators that hadn't come in awhile show up which was really good. Also there were some really good testimonies from the members. We only have 3 or 4 testimonies the entire meeting because everyone takes a long time, but it is really good. Also the singing here isn't very good because no one knows how the songs go or how to sing in English very well. It is kind of funny. We also watched the Sunday Afternoon session on Sunday. Some very good talks. I am going to try and ponderize a scripture every week now. Oh Yeah! Dieudonne and Kellen (say it like Keran because Rwandan's mix there l's and r's) were confirmed. Really cool experience. They are going to be a great family in the branch. Really good week.

It is awesome here in Rwanda. I am getting more comfortable with everything here. I learn so much every week. It has been raining quite a bit since I got here. The work is really exciting. Elder Empey and I hope both of us stay put after transfers, especially him. as we have a really exciting transfer coming up with hopefully around 6+ baptisms. 

After reading about Moroni lately I have learned how we can never stop preparing even if we feel we are prepared enough. Prepare and Learn. Also I liked 2 Corinthians 5:6-7 and how we need to walk by faith rather than sight because none of us have a perfect knowledge of everything, but we have the faith that we know enough and that Heavenly Father will take care of the rest after we do all that we can do. Also I have been trying to have the influence of the Holy Ghost more in my life. We have to be obedient and also be looking for and feeling for the Holy Ghost at all times. It has really made a difference in my days. I also learned that I am one of the 50 first missionaries here in Rwanda. 44 or something like that. The church is really young here and also at a really exciting time. Thanks for the prayers and letters. Love you.

Elder Beck

DOES ANYONE TALK ABOUT WHAT HAPPENED IN 1994 IN RWANDA?Here in Rwanda we don't usually directly talk to people about the Genocide. It is to touchy a subject for some people

Halloween sounds fun and I miss the candy. I also miss the cool weather. It isn't necessarily really hot here with the rain, but I miss the crisp cool days and nights for sure, but I can't complain too much. 

I haven't eaten anything too strange, but I have eaten Matoke. It is cooked green bananas. They remind me of potatoes. 

WHERE ARE YOUR SANDALS? I DIDN'T SEE THEM IN YOUR PICTURE? I forgot my sandals that day so don't worry. 

WHO DID YOU BAPTIZE AND WHO'S WHO IN THE LAST PHOTOS? I baptized Kellen (sounds like Keran). She is the mother.

WHO IS THE FUN RANDOM GUY IN LAST WEEKS PICTURES? I think you are talking about Kennedy. He is just a member and doesn't speak any English at all. He is really funny guy. 


Kennedy? in the striped shirt

WHAT IS THE CARD GAME ERC? Egyptian Rat Crew or something like that. Ask Eryn or natalie they might now. You try to get all the cards and it is a slapping game.

Thanks as always for the update from home. I love reading It and I love you too.

a view in Rwanda

clouds, city, roof Rwanda

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