Saturday, July 29, 2017

Mid- Transfers! Comin' home papers!

Idaho Falls on the 29th at 3 pm.  I can't believe it!!

Hello. SO this week was fast and busy like always. Let us see.

On Tuesday we had exchanges. I was with E. Obeng and we had a fun day. We had Ethiopian food for lunch. He though the Njera was a rag. SO when they put the meat on the rag he was freaking out and especially when I started eating the Njera. hahaha.

njera....ethiopian flat bread

We also did some finding in the evening and we met this guy and he says he is starting a company and he is going to rival with Nickelodeon! hahaha. SO he shows us his studio....It is in this back corner in a small little room! hahaha. He was a funny man! We taught him the restoration........ He has a long way to make it too Nickelodeon. hahaha. The people you meet on mission............. ALso we went to visit a member family and they had a friend there and so we shared about the book of mormon and the restoration. She seemed interested and she has good support from the family! Tender Mercy.

On Wednesday we had an interesting day. WE did some more finding and we found this lady who has a church in her small home. She said she was an Apostle, so I guess I met a living apostle on Wednesday!

On Thursday we had a nice day. WE had some powerful lessons in the morning. One  was with a less active man named Boscoe. In the middle of the lesson someone knocks on the gate. Boscoe just tells us to go inside. SO we do it........ things continue and after the lesson he leads us out this back gate and tells us these people are disturbing the family and wanted money for something.......Interesting.......... Sneaking out the back way......

Then later in the day we went to Kajjansi and did some zone finding with the entire zone! It was powerful to come together as a zone and seek for those lost sheep.

On friday we had interviews with the president! WE found out that two of the missionaries. OBeng and Asare are leaving on Monday to new areas. SO it was sad news to not have those great missionaries around anymore, but the work continues! Also had just a wonderful lesson with a new investigator named Michael. Everything worked out well and he accepted a baptism date! Great guy! Tender Mercy for sure!

Saturday was a busy day. WE had to move from our apartment to another one. Which took way too much time and effort. Than we had district finding in the market. That was awesome. WE met some great people. Even a guy named Saturday.... Powerful name! hahaha.   Also had an awesome lesson with an RC named Ezera! Me and my companion bore testimony too him as he has been facing a lot of opposittion from friends and peers recently and the you could feel the spirit in the room. Testimony is powerful!

Sunday we had a nice day. Church was good. Some Mzungu's (foreigners) from Utah joined the service and I got to talk to them a bit. One family even had the same last name Beck!  So that was good to see them. They are here for Humanitarian project up in Mbale..... White people are funny.............haha.

New member?, Elder Beck, the sisters
We received this photo on Sunday night from the Beck family from Utah!

Today we lost E. OBeng when the AP's picked him up and we lost E. Asare when we dropped him off at the airport going to Rwanda K2 Branch! Gonna miss those guys! Solid week looking for another great week this week and many wonderful tender mercies to come!

This week I learned a great deal! But something that I have been studying a lot about is Christ-like Attributes. I really like the one of Patience! I like the scripture Alma 17:11. Sometimes we expect things right away and everything to work out perfect, but sometimes patience is required. Patience doesn't just mean doing nothing though and being lazy. It is simply having faith in the Lord's timing, but still doing all that you can do! Some of the greatest blessings comes to those who have patience. Life may seem hard in the moment, but right around the corner a blessing is waiting if we are just patient through trials. Thanks.

Love you.
Have a great week.
Love Elder Beck

Mom questions....
1.  Tell me about your branch/ ward  mission leaders?  How do they help you with missionary work?

We have good leaders here. Our ward missionary leader is 20 years old. He is preparing for a mission and he has a twin. Great guy and his name is Opio! The bishop is awesome. He is married, no children. His name is Martin. There is a member named Boscoe. He is a boxer and he goes with us to teach and he is huge so we are not afraid when he is with us. hahaha. Another member named Andrew. he is 19 as well and preparing for a mission next year. He helps us a lot and has been a member since he was 10. Those are a few of the members that help us teach and do missionary work in the ward.......

2.  What's something you noticed this week that reminded you that God exists and that He is in charge ?

This week we fasted as a district and we were fasting for the ward. On Sunday we had an increase in sacrament attendance by like 10 or 15 and also had many of the members stay behind for the baptism that the other Elder's had. It was a time when I knew that God was there and that he is in charge and helping us along the way.

3.  The girls want to know who's your favorite sister?

My favorite sister........... I am not sure. I will see when I get back home! hahaha.

4.   Favorite hymn ?  Favorite hymn you can play?

My favorite hymn right now is 322? Come all ye sons of God. It is a fun one to sing. My favorite one that I can play right now is 100 Nearer my God to Thee. It will always bring the spirit.

5. What's the plan for you coming home and such?

Things are good though. We are facing some opposition, but we are about to have some great things happen,. I can just feel it! I have my flight itinerary for when I go home. I am flying back on September 29th and will arrive in Idaho Falls at 3 pm! Pretty crazy.

Love you mom. Have a great week.
Love Elder Beck

but who's counting?

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