Monday, July 31, 2017

A wonderful week! Miracles. ISO: prayers

Elder Beck skillet skilz!

Hello! This week flew by again, but there was so much that the Lord blessed us with this week. Here are a few of the things...........

So since one companionship left we had to figure out their area as well and figure out how to fit in those that they were teaching with those that we were teaching. somehow it all worked out. But they had one investigator that had just come back from the village right before they left. His name is Patrick. This guy is amazing. He is an older man, but very smart and speaks and reads english very well. We visited him a few different times this week and every time we came he had read the assignment in the book of mormon that we gave him like 3 times and he was teaching us what it was saying in the chapters! He is preparing for baptism on the 13th of August, but he is facing some challenges in the village with his family, so pray for him. He is a miracle!

On Wednesday, the Lord led us to a few prepared people. I realized that I needed to do better at finding along the way. So on Wednesday right after we finished a lesson we walk out and I talk to the first guy that I see. WE talk to him and he is interested, but has no phone............ But we told him we would be at the church tomorrow in the morning, so we went away not really expecting him to come. The next day during our ddm. He shows up. We teach him and then on Sunday he comes to the church and just loves the church! Truly a miracle!

On Friday, we saw another miracle. We get a call in the morning from a guy and he says he wants to meet us. SO we are excited and we meet up with this guy and this is what happened. So the day before I gave a contacting card to our chapti man( The guy we buy chapati from) He then gave it to his friend and when he saw it and it said 'Light the World' He felt like he needed to join the church.! Truly another miracle. He came to church on Sunday! and He makes super nice chapati! hahaha   Also had our lunch paid for from a random guy! Super nice.  First time that has happened to me on mission.... Another miracle...

recall chapati

On Saturday, we are teaching this guy and we have been teaching him for a long time so far. He is someone that questions a lot of things and is hard to make him happy with our answers, but he has been coming to church most Sunday's and we are being patient with him. But as we taught him on Saturday he told us about how we always tell him about praying and coming to know it is true and he said he found a couple of scriptures in the bible and the book of mormon and he feels that it is true! He still is not sure about baptism for the second time, but he is progressing! It truly is a miracle.

Then on Sunday we came to church and we had some great investigators at church and even the Lord brought us 3 potential investigators to the church. One was a man we contacted last week, another was a family we tracted into over a week ago, and the last was a man that came because his children said it was a good church. Another miracle. The Lord blessed us this week and I am truly grateful for it.

This week has been amazing and I know that miracles they do happen in today's time. The Lord is the same yesterday, today and forever. He works them according to our faith. Truly he can work wonders in our life even when it doesn't seem like it is possible. Just believe and work hard and you will be surprised what happens. Have a great week.

Love you,

love Elder Beck

Hello beautiful Uganda!

Mom questions....
1. What is the best way to stay converted? Or to continually be converted?  With new members and yourself,  how do you keep focused on the gospel and Jesus Christ?

Well the best way to stay converted is Reading the book of Mormon, taking the sacrament, and also being busy and active in the church with different responsibilities and activities! we started up FHE for the single adults here and it helps keep them strong and active in the church! Also involving them in missionary work is one of the greatest in helping them. It strengthens them more than even the investigator sometimes.

2.  Tell us about the children in your branch or the areas that you served in.

Children are crazy. Some are afraid of me. Some of them are annoying to me. Some of them love me and when they see me they run up and give me a hug. Some are quiet. Some are funny. Kids are awesome and on Sunday I helped teach Primary. SO I am grateful for the experience I had before mission in teaching children. It is not easy> haha

3.  If you want to teach someone about the church, what approach do you use? Do you teach about the restoration right off the bat?

Ya I always try to teach about the restoration first right off the bat because I want to try to find the people who are prepared, but you know the spirit always directs and sometimes you talk about something different if the situation is right, but you always need to connect it back to the restoration in the near future.

4.  Are you going to buy a suit to bring home? It looks like most of the other missionaries who are  coming home have a suit and I'm assuming that most of them did not bring one. 

Ya I have already bought a suit that I am planning on bringing home only. 135,000 Uganda schillings!  (Big spender = $37.40!!)

5.  What are a couple of things that you will really miss about your mission? What do you think has changed in you by serving a mission?

I will really miss the missionaries and the mission president and his wife. They are so awesome! My love for the scriptures! My love for God and Jesus Christ! My perspective in life! Don't expect too much from though when I get back...... ha                          (Note: happy mom moment here)

6. Do you need anything? Is there anything we could send to the Mission home show our appreciation to them of their support and efforts?

Just your prayers...........They are the best help.

(ISO: prayers for the missionaries and people in the UKM mission.  Please. )

The following pictures are from Sister Collings...she is the best at taking pictures and taking care of our missionaries. Zone conference.
Masaka and Kampala South Zone mtg.... smiley  :)  

Looks like Elder Beck is using humor for his role play....ha ha

Sisters are into it!!

TOTAL UNSURE WHAT THESE PICTURES ARE ALL ABOUT??  Break in?  I know he just moved to another apartment.  Elder Beck sent pictures but forgot about the deets.  (next week)



Elder Beck's Homecoming Talk
October 15th, 2017
11:00 am
Pocatello Stake Building
655 South Grant AvenuePOCATELLOIdaho 83204

All invited!!

(getting excited just thinking about it!! woot!)

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