Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Working hard... WWW & How is the day?

Entebbe Missionaries!

Hello. This week was awesome. We had an awesome time and it was also Wilford Woodruff week (www) where we work extra hard and to the last second looking for people to share the gospel with. IT was good, but tiring.

So on Tuesday it was awesome. I was on exchanges with Elder Myers. He is a good friend and we just had a nice day. Taught a ton of powerful lessons and just had a good time. We taught Juma the blind man and we laughed like nothing all together. IT was awesome. Laughing is awesome.

ON Wednesday, I was able to go on exchanges with Elder Shelton this time. We had a nice day. Got surprised with food from an investigator and dropped a Book of Mormon off at another investigator and he was really really happy to get one. The BOok of MOrmon brings happiness into our lives. Read it!

ON Thursday, it was a long day, but we got a ton of things done. I was so tired though. I literally wanted to sleep on the road.... But it was awesome. We met some really cool people and are definitely seeing the blessings.

On Friday was another really nice day. We had some insanely spiritual lessons. It was a lot because of a member that came with us. It was just awesome. It made me grateful to be on mission.

On Saturday was a good day. We had a family history thing at the church it was good, but a little disorganized. We are working with a lot of different members right now and things are picking up with members. SUnday was awesome, but disappointing. A lot of people that I felt really good about didn't come to church, but there were some that did come. The ward is doing well. The problem is getting people consistent and ready for baptism right now, but the work of the Lord will progress.

Today we had a fun zone activity and just made and ate a ton of food. It was fun.

This week I was a little down because it feels like we are working so hard and so many things seem to be moving forward and then there comes a lot of disappointments.... Which was getting me down after church on Sunday, but then we were visiting an investigator and I shared a scripture in Alma 36:3 and we had a really good discussion on it. I think it helped me more than the investigator because it is an awesome scripture. Alma is teaching his son Helaman to trust in the Lord through everything and he will support you through anything and everything. What a great lesson to teach your son or to anyone. Trust in the Lord! don't doubt, don't give up, but if we trust in him we will progress we will accomplish great things and the lord will be with us every step of the way. Let us trust in him and everything will work out. We trust him by being grateful, being prayerful, and being obedient and diligent no matter what! Have a great week.
Love Elder Beck

Mom Questions....
1.  What's something that we as a family did to influence you to be a good person?

Something the family influenced me was staying together and having unity and also supporting everyone through everything no matter what. IT is important!

2.  How big of an influence were leaders, coaches and friends on you? In preparing you to be who you are and to serve a mission?

They were a big influence on me. I didn't have that much personal preparation, but somehow I was still prepared enough to come, so it had to be those around me.

3. Pride was a topic of discussion  this week.  How does pride prevent us from progressing? Is pride an issue in missionary work?

This week I studied a talk about Pride by President Benson. It is a really powerful talk. Pride blocks the spirit, knowledge, change, unity, and many other things which are essential to moving forward and progressing. It is something that is really really big on mission and in missionary work. Pride is not easy, but we can control it and get rid of it in our lives.

4.  What is a common saying in Uganda that you don't hear in Idaho? Like we might greet with... howdy, hey there,  what's up? What do you say there?

How is the day? How are we? .......Nothing much different! 

Usually just bad English grammar and probably won't make sense in the States, but it does here. haha. 

and not just one HOW IS THE DAY....., but maybe like 3 or 4. hahahahaha

Being a goof ball!  ha ha ha ha  - - love it!  this is the only pic he emailed this week

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