Wednesday, March 22, 2017

18 months down!!

ELDERS Beck and Anderson with the cute children

Hello. This week was awesome. Officially hit 18 months on mission and I officially passed my sister and dad in time spent on mission. I am feeling really good about myself right now and receiving even more blessings.... haha
African sun

This week I went to Kajjansi on exchanges with Elder Shelton. It was a fun day. We enjoyed. had some really nice food ,felt the spirit and had a crazy dream... It was fun though. Wednesday we had a really spiritual District meeting on becoming Christ-like and it really motivated me the rest of the week. Also had a really nice day.
Thursday We had a powerful day. One of our investigators Derrick received an answer that he needs to be baptized so he is set for this sunday on the 26th. On Friday we had lunch with an investigator. Cassava!! gotta love it. 


On Saturday we had interviews with president and started a mission fast and had a fireside. It was awesome. Sang a nice song. watched a new first vision video that the church put out. Really nice......Also Elder Koopman's Birthday. I have been around him for both of his birthday's......
Nap time


On Sunday we had a nice day except for the rain. It stopped a lot of people from coming to church, but we had some investigators, some white people, and a guy from Uruguay that only speaks spanish. It was an interesting Sabbath. Also we met with the Stake President and the Mission President to talk about how we can work together better. IT was a really powerful meeting. Today we played basketball in Kampala. Really fun. Great week.


This week I just realized the importance of Priesthood keys and the blessing it is that we have them on the earth right now. Each of us have leaders around us that hold these priesthood keys and can receive direct guidance and revelation from God. It is amazing to see and such a blessing when we listen and live to what these people say. I can't imagine what it would be like not to have these priesthood keys today. Let us not take it for granted and be grateful for them. have a great week.  Love you..
Love elder Beck

1. when you say you aren't good at spending money ...does that mean you spend too much or you are a tight wad?

It means I am a tight wad.... I feel bad when I spend money and always second guess myself and feel regret and ask myself if it was worth it... yep. But I am spending more money now.... Not sure if that is a good thing or not.

2. Is the truck on the mend?  Is the driving worse in Uganda or Rwanda?

The truck is good. The driving is worse in Uganda by a far amount. It is not easy!....

3.  does it seem weird that you are on the downhill slide of your mission?  It's fun to see some of the missionaries coming home..... Tyson, Brynlee.  We are excited for your return but we love that you are still going strong and working hard and  loving your mission.  How do you feel about that or are you trying to ignore it?  My bet is that we will miss your mission almost as much as you will.  It's a journey, live it well.

  It is definitely in my mind as I am 18 months now, but it doesn't really affect me during the day too much. It makes me realize how fast time is going by and how I need to use these last 6 months smartly and make a huge difference! I will miss mission a lot when I go home.

Having fun with selfie stick.... silly boys

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